11 October, 2009
Gillian Fuller + Ross Harley, ‘Aesthetics of Contact and Mobility in an era of Global Crisis Management

7 November, 2009
Justin O’Connor, ‘Designing Creative Clusters

18 December, 2009
Anna Greenspan, ‘Shanghai: City of Tomorrow?

27 March, 2010
Maren Koehler and Bettina Vismann, ‘Waste Economies: Mapping Formal and Informal Waste Infrastructures in Shanghai

25 April, 2010
Ned Rossiter, ‘Platform as Method: Strategies for Counter-Cartographic Research in Beijing, Ningbo and Shanghai

29 May, 2010
Marcella Szablewicz, ‘China‚Äôs Many Internets: Participation and Sites of Digital Game Play Across a Changing Technology Landscape


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